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One in a Melon

You guys. How did I get so lucky? We’ve been talking a LOT about this NOT being the Season of Getting. There may have been a reference or two to Veruca Salt. Tonight, as the girls prepared some of our #countdownuntilchristmas bags, they came across felt stockings I made a few years back. As a way to encourage kindness and thoughtfulness between siblings. As a reminder that we are all, each of us, the Spirit of Christmas and we can spread #lovingkindness every single day - not just during the holidays. We would hang their felt stockings from their ikea loft bed and they would take turns leaving random notes, trinkets, and love in each-others stockings. Tonight it was getting late and I got frustrated with the whole “I asked you five times to go up and brush your teeth. Come on now” script. But you know what they were doing? Leaving love notes beside my bed. And in each others’ stockings. Next time we will have to start this bedtime process a bit earlier.... but, seriously, how lucky am…

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