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Small Acts of Kindness

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop
It's really never been the big, grandiose acts that have captured my heart and inspired my soul - it's always been the little things. The Blue Day Book while I was feeling low. Chicken soup when I was in bed. A look from across a crowded room just to remind me I wasn't alone. We have the power to offer these "little" acts of kindness to ourselves, each other, and whomever we encounter along our day's journey. Do we smile and say hello? Hold the door open for the person coming behind us? Look someone in the eye and say "thank you"? Remind that Mama-stranger that you've been there before? Hold your child's hand just to help them feel safe? Play that 8-minute game of Candyland? It's easy for me to go on auto-pilot and meet my children's needs. Check. Check. Check. It's not always easy for me to embrace the moments in between with presence and connection.…

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