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One word check in

I learned about a one-word check in during my years at @drexeluniv in the Culture of Respect. As an introvert, who's heart palpitates at the mere thought of public speaking, this simple practice of using my voice, being heard, and sharing was incredibly important. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on how I was feeling - beginning to check in with myself. What's going on? How was my day? What's my body and mind feeling? And it was such an amazing tool as an educator and teaching assistant for the class because it allowed us to get a pulse on the vibration of the room for that evening's class. I offer this to you now, and will continue to offer this as a prompt to get us self-reflecting and checking in with our inner feelings and our community. What's your word? #onewordcheckinAt the beginning of every class I taught at my learning co-op (ages 5-9) I would go around the room, in a circle, and offer young people to share a one-word check in with the group. It all…

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